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Maybe you are asking how it is possible to stay active while playing video games? Keep the kids moving with our amazing video game party experience! Thanks to our Buckeye Video Game Truck, there is a way to keep your kids active while playing video games! Here are some of the ways our team has designed our truck to keep the kids moving. They can also  interact with one another throughout the entire party event. We know how to have fun and create a memory that will last forever!

-We have outside video games for the kids!

The great thing about our game truck is the outside playing feature! This feature not only allows the kids to get some fresh air, but also it gives them the option of moving on their feet while playing. Our outside video games station includes two 60-inch screens to play on! It has a top-of-the-line 3-D High Definition feature—perfect for outside! Our top notch sound system is sure to keep your kids engaged in the game as well!

-We have included the top of the line games!

Now, everyone knows the most fun games are the interactive video games! So we have provided our customers with the best, new interactive video games out there. Keep those kids moving with the best video games for every age.  We have the best games, like the Just Dance series and  Wii Sports Resort! Our game consoles and wireless controllers are perfect to keep the kids moving!

Check out our video game selection by scrolling over our Truck tab and clicking our video games!

-Don’t forget our laser tag party feature!

Who wants to play laser tag? Just when you thought it couldn’t get better than all these awesome video games, we throw in an even better feature! Yes, we include the entire laser tag experience! This game is sure to keep your kids on their feet with an amazing time with all of their friends and family! Our laser tag feature includes on-site coaches to help you along the way. We set up everything and tear it down at the end. This game is great for the adults as well, so no one has to miss out on all the fun!

For more information about our laser tag feature, click the Laser Tag tab above!

Set up your video game party today!

If you are planning a party for your kids, a school event, a work event, or even a tailgate party, talk to us! The party options are endless with our video game truck. We want to help you plan the best party experience ever! Our video game truck will keep everyone moving and active while playing fun, competitive games.

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