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28 Nov A fun work party idea for Christmas!

Are you in charge of planning the work party for this holiday season? You don’t have to have the same old boring holiday games at the office! You  can have an unforgettable time with your co-workers  with our mobile Buckeye Video Game Truck! We are located right here in Central Ohio for all your party needs! Now you can include in your party the best work party games ever!

Mobile party games that come to you!


Now you don’t have to worry about finding the right venue location or using the same old office space! Our video game truck party games come straight to you! You can have the truck delivered to your door or any work building with a flat driveway or surface! We come to you, and provide our team of video game coaches to help you with any party needs along the way!

  • An indoor/outdoor party!

If the weather permits, you can have the luxury of both an indoor and outdoor party for your amazing employees/co-workers! We have a total of 5 gaming stations with the ability to have up to 28 players at once! We have 5 gaming stations inside our party games truck with four 55” high definition TVs and one 60” TV. And there are two 60” TVs for our two outdoor gaming stations!

  • The best video game selection!

Whether you love Super Mario Brothers, Wii Sports, or NFL games, we have them all! Our top rated video game selection has a game for every age group! This is perfect for a work party with a range of ages. Our surround sound and under glow lighting will surely give your co-workers the best time ever! We also have the top game systems, like Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 4!

  • Laser tag addition!

Our laser tag party games  will make your holiday party stand out! Yes, we have laser tag as well! Fit in a laser tag game at the beginning or end of your holiday party! We will set up and take down all that will be included in the game. We will arrive at an indoor or outdoor location of your choosing and create a customized battlefield with pop-up barriers and more!

So don’t have a typical holiday party at work! Create a new, fun way to party with our Buckeye Video Game Truck! Our team is here to talk to you if you have any questions or concerns!

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