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There are many different options out there for providing activities and entertainment at a party… so should you really choose to throw a video game truck party for your event?  We say yes—and here’s why.

A video game truck party is fun for everyone.

Young and old, boys and girls—a video game truck is endless entertainment for almost anyone! We have a wide variety of games and consoles, suitable for all ages and interests.  We also work with the party host to make sure that there are no age or content inappropriate games available. Finally, our Game Guide helps guests have a good time!

Fundraising? A video game truck party is a great fundraising opportunity!

Video game trucks are an excellent way to boost interest in your fundraiser. Our team can also set up a tournament style of play or regular play. By using a pay-for-play ticket format, our video game truck essentially becomes a fundraising arcade for your organization.

Engagement is just as important as entertainment.

Gaming is a hands-on way for people to interact and have a good time—which makes it much more engaging than just having entertainment you watch, like a magician.

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video game truck party

A video game truck party will be discussed and remembered.

All of this also means your party will be much more memorable! Everyone will be talking about what a good idea it was, and how much fun they had.

A video game truck party takes the pressure off of the host.

With such irresistible and engaging entertainment, and our experienced staff there to tutor, change games, and manage the truck itself, there’s very little pressure on the host. This way, the host can devote their time to other aspects of the party.



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