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Wonder how to give your guests the ultimate party experience for that friend or family member who loves gaming? Well, now you can with our Game Truck Party that comes straight to your own home! We have created a fun way to have a party for every age to join in the fun. Here are some things that will give your gamer the best party ever!


Video Game Truck Party Perfect for Any Party!


How the party works!

Our Buckeye Video Game Truck Party is loaded with the latest video games and gaming systems! Your gaming friends and family will be in video game heaven! Our video game options are endless, with top games like Mario Kart, Madden NFL, Lego, Nintendo Land, Just Dance, Wii Sports Resort, FIFA 15, and so much more. Our gaming systems include PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, and Wii U. We have it all and are always updating with the latest games!


Fun for everyone!

So not everyone that comes will be in love with video games! Or maybe there are those crazy sports fans that come! That’s okay; we have many more options for them, too! Our Game Truck Party comes with outside 55-inch and 60-inch, High Definition TVs to enjoy! We have so many popular channels they will love, like NFL, NCAA, NBA, UFC, NASCAR, FIFA, NHL, and so many more.


Don’t forget laser tag!

We also have laser tag! Columbus Laser Tag Express is a great addition to our video Game Truck Party experience! This will for sure make your house the coolest house on the block! We have our on-site game coach to help you and explain all of the rules of the game. Our laser tag game is played with a harmless infrared beam (similar to your TV remote) that is totally safe and is good clean fun. You also have the ability to play either indoors or outdoors, daytime or at night!


Quality that will enhance your experience!

To make your party the best it can be for your gamer, we have included top quality features. The atmosphere of a party is everything! So, we have designed our video Game Truck Party with the latest materials and features! Nothing says party like a surround sound system! Our Buckeye Video Game Truck comes with sound that will make your party experience unforgettable.

We also have included an under glow lighting system for an exciting nighttime display! We have made space for everyone with 5 gaming stations inside and 2 more stations outside and an automatic 16-foot retractable awning. This is great for sunny days when you want some shade for your guests. The list goes on and on to make the ultimate party for the gamer you know and love!

If you’re interested in learning more about our Buckeye Video Game Truck here in Central Ohio, visit the About tab! Our team is so excited to work with you and to create a party experience you will never forget! We bring the fun to YOU!



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