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So, thinking of throwing a party and have no idea where to start? I think we all have been there! Now there doesn’t have to be all that stress of decorating, booking a place, and so on. Our epic Buckeye Video Game Truck, here in central ohio, makes this process fun and a whole lot easier! Join the fun with us by renting our video game truck for any of your party needs. Here are some of the highlights of our truck and how it will make for a simple way to host an unforgettable party this year!

-We bring the fun to you here in central ohio!

If you live here in the Columbus or central ohio area, we deliver the fun straight to your home! As long as you provide a flat surface for our truck to park on, we can come to any location you’d like. Our truck works great for office parties, birthday parties, church events, tailgate parties, and so much more. With our transportable truck, it will make your party planning a whole lot simpler.

-Video game selections for everyone!

Thanks to our huge selection of video games, there are plenty of options for every age. Our video game truck has many different gaming stations. We have five gaming stations inside and two more on the outside  with a 16-foot retractable awning! Our top notch gaming systems include Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii, and Wii U!

-A party with top quality features!

We have equipped our truck with the best of the best surround sound and 3-D High Definition TVs for the ultimate party experience! There are four 55” TVs with one 60” TV inside and outside our truck for games like Just Dance and Wii Sport! Our under glow lighting gives our video truck a nighttime feel with stadium style seating your guests can enjoy! Our limousine style interior is both comfortable and stylish! You can have up to 28 players inside the truck at once, which is a great sized party!

-Laser tag addition!

The fun doesn’t stop there! We have an amazing laser tag addition to our video game truck! Our on-site laser tag coaches will help you create a fun party experience for your guests while keeping them aware of all the rules. You will need a waiver form for any minors playing as well. Our coach will customize a laser tag game just for you, so you can have a blast! This is the way to have a party in central ohio!

To learn more about our video game truck, here in central ohio, visit the “Our Truck” tab above! Book a party with us now to make sure your date is available ahead of time, and get ready to have an unforgettable time with all your friends and family!

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