GellyBall Party

GellyBall is the latest mobile party attraction! Buckeye Mobile Entertainment has teamed up with GellyBall to deliver an epic and safe alternative to airsoft and paintball. Let Buckeye Mobile Ent transform your backyard, front yard, or park into an awesome GellyBall arena!


GellyBall is an exciting experience where your guests live the video game by strategically teaming up and tactically splatting each other using a GellyBall Blaster and GellyBalls.


GellyBall is a safe, pain-free alternative to airsoft and paintball. Even better, the GellyBall ammo doesn’t even leave behind much trace – even the small amount of water that comes off of them evaporates quickly. Since GellyBall ammo doesn’t leave a mess – you can set up anywhere!


With a wide variety of games to play, GellyBall is an active experience! Your GameCoach referees the event, boosting the birthday party fun to the next level. No matter how you decide to splat each other, Buckeye Mobile Ent creates a joyful, memorable, GellyBall birthday party your guests will talk about for years to come!

GellyBall Party


•We provide all the blasters, ammo, and safety gear

•Turn your yard or park into a GellyBall arena

•Work together with team based play

•Have paintball-like fun without the pain or mess!

•Our GameCoach referees your GellyBall adventure

•Fantastic team based missions and adventures

•Super fun equipment that will have you making memories in minutes

The Gear

The Blasters are heavy duty, light weight, durable blaster units. Easy to use, just pull the trigger and blast away. Safety face masks and glasses are provided.


The Ammo

  • No paint, no mess!
  • Very lightweight and low velocity – very little pain when hit
  • 750 shots per load


The Field

  • Convert virtually any outdoor space into a thrilling GellyBall combat arena
  • We offer a range of obstacles in different shapes and sizes for a variety of strategic cover
  • This option adds depth to all game types

The Games

Our GellyBall parties bring tactical and free-for-all games to life. The games are designed for quick and easy play, keeping the entire experience fun, fresh and exciting. Here are a few examples of the game types you might experience:


Last Team Standing – Like Fortnite!

  • Players are split in to Teams
  • Players work together to eliminate the other teams

OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the Opposition


Protect The Splat King

  • Each Team Selects a Splat King
  • The Splat King is led across the field to the other side without being hit
  • Uses Both Offensive and Defensive Tactics

OBJECTIVE: Eliminate Opponents Splat King


Capture the Flag

  • Each GellyBall team sets up on their respective side.
  • If you are hit in transfer, the flag is returned to the center by the ref and you are out.
  • Game continues until one team wins.

OBJECTIVE: Get to the flag in the center and get it to your team’s starting point – without being hit

* Note: Actual games available may vary. 

GellyBall is an awesome event for all ages! We book GellyBall games for team building, bachelor parties, schools, and so much more!


Buckeye Mobile Entertainment brings the equipment to your location no matter the size or genre of the event. Here’s the best part: because GellyBalls make no mess, you can have your event anywhere you’d like. The possibilities are endless!

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